Supported Living

From just a few hours each week to 24/7 care including overnight sleep-in staff, we can offer:

  • Consistency, reliability and a tailored approach to suit the individual’s needs
  • Help to service users with planning and make the most of their allocated budget,
  • Flexibility in deciding who supports the person to achieve their goals,
  • To adapt to changing needs, aspirations and goals over time,
  • A partnership which enhances social, recreational, education and employment opportunities within the community,
  • Encouragement with forging positive social interaction and relationships.

Our goals are to develop and maintain independence, whilst building and creating circles of support – to help develop positive life skills.

Domiciliary Care

We offer all aspects of personal care and support services, for example:

  • 30-minute shorter call-in checks to ensure someone has eaten,
  • providing prompt medication,
    assistance with showering/bathing,
  • longer sessions to help with personal care and attention,
  • dropping in for a friendly chat,
  • help with the cleaning, laundry or ironing,
  • help to plan and prepare meals,
  • assistance with shopping,
  • making and meeting appointments,
  • dealing with post, personal admin, pensions or benefits,
  • help with bills and budgeting,
  • help with the upkeep of pets.

Community Support

At YLYS we want our service users to feel fully assisteb in their ability to access and experience a full range activities, for example:

  • Swimming
  • Bike riding
  • Bowling
  • Cinema
  • Shopping
  • Gym and exercise classes
  • Tai Chi
  • Health walks
  • Dance classes
  • Pub visits
  • Eating out
  • Support for ollege courses
  • Going to the library and much more

At YLYS we want to promote the possibilities for better health and wellbeing by meeting the needs, choices and preferences of each user.

Individualised Services

We offer this service to promote independence, giving a person more control over their own decison making, personal organisation and planning to make the best use of their time and opportunities.

Our experienced staff members help individuals plan in a way which is sensitive to their needs and preferences, whilst respecting their families, other professionals involved in the care and with an awareness of any further relevant input.

Most importantly, we involve the person in all decisions with regards to their own support, recognising they have right to a voice – one that we will be listening to.


Respite and Short Breaks

A breakaway from the daily routine can make a real difference in boosting confidence, moral and a general sense of wellbeing.

We can support individuals and their families to make the most of time spent away from the usual routine, experiencing new places and opportunities away from home.

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to offer families and carers a great amount of choice – enabling them to take a break from their caring role, or have someone along with them to share the care, ensuring everyone involved has a more positive experience.

We can offer shared services on breaks and holidays where two or more of our users holiday together, helping keep the costs down and providing company along the way. In these instances, we would carefully assess the needs and preferences of all involved to ensure a good match.

We are flexible in helping our clients find the best solution all round to meet their needs and experience the positive benefits to health and wellbeing that getting away can provide.

Domestic Services

Our staff deliver excellent value domestic cleaning services to our clients.  Combined with their experience as Support Workers, they keep the individual’s needs in mind and make the whole process more person-centred.

Our services include all aspect of cleaning, changing beds, clothes laundry and ironing. Each package is created to suit a client’s requirements and delivered reliably, efficiently and with good cheer.

What we cannot offer…

With Safeguarding Compliance and the safety of our Team in mind

  • We cannot do anything that puts them at risk, for example climbing ladders cleaning hard to reach windows / changing a light bulb etc,
  • We cannot accept gifts, money or be named in a person’s will,
  • We cannot be a friend outside of work.