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My name is Danielle I've been with Your Life Your Support since last June; it will be 12 months soon. I think the staff are really nice, they listen to me they meet all my needs.

They take me to places I ask them to; they never say no, I go swimming on a Thursday at the Jubilee pool, and I go wheelchair dancing on a Tuesday.

I love all the things I do. The staff are all lovely.

Paula Taylor

'Your Life Your Support' has been in my life for well over a year now. The service has been excellent proving reliable assistants/support workers to help me with numerous aspects of daily living. I am a young lady who uses a wheelchair so my independence, family and home are important to me.

I need assistance where my views, values and way of life are respected and followed as an individual and parent. 'Your Life Your Support' have given me the reassurance, reliability and trust I need, providing a constant and committed service with staff who have had some prior caring background, training, skills and /qualifications.

Training is ongoing for them keeping skills relevant and update. I recommend 'Your Life Your Support' to anyone needing the assistance of any sort, in or out of their home.

Brian and Elaine

It is now just over a year ago that Elaine and I started using Your Life Your Support and we would like to give everyone involved with the running of Y.L.Y.S from the top to the bottom and all those in the background that we don't see or have contact with a very big thank you.

Using carers for the first time is stressful, embarrassing and very daunting to say the least but the staff and service providers at Y.L.Y.S helped us make the transition from our old way of life trying to cope and struggling from day to day to our new life where we are learning to adjust to the fact that we still have one.

Y.L.Y.S made this a lot easier than we could have imagined.

The dedication everyone puts into their work and easy-going friendly way that you are put at ease coupled with the professionalism of the highest standard we knew right away that Y.L.Y.S was the correct choice.

Lead Occupational Therapist

I have had the good fortune to work with Nicola and her team both in my professional role as an Occupational Therapist but also as a family member of someone the team has been supporting. Nicola is keen to ensure the ‘best fit’ support plan is put in place to meet people’s needs.

The staff are caring and diligent in their approach to the people they support and show real empathy toward clients. Because of their willingness to work with me as a therapist, it has been possible to have a consistent approach to rehabilitation with clients in their own homes. Staff are skilled in their role but are also open to learning new ways to improve the recovery and quality of life of clients.

I would have no hesitation recommending the agency to other professionals and families alike. I would also like to thank them for all their hard work.

Lead Neuro Physiotherapist

I have worked with Your Life Your Support with clients throughout Lancashire, Cheshire and Staffordshire. Your Life Your Support has consistently met the needs of each client during both planned and emergency care. Support staff have passionately supported both adults and children with complex physical and cognitive impairments to achieve their individual goals, whilst adopting a friendly but professional manner.

When introducing a support worker to a client, Your Life Your Support has not only looked at the professional skills and attributes a support worker has, but also demonstrated an understanding that personality can make or break a rapport. Your Life Your Support has matched my clients with support staff who have similar personal attributes and interests. This has allowed a support worker-client rapport to become established quickly, and remain firm over months and years, enabling the client to achieve their goals.

Your Life Your Support have demonstrated excellent staff retention and this has allowed for the same support staff to work with a client over many years. This has ensured that care and therapy programmes are consistently completed and that any concerns are identified and addressed quickly.

I would not hesitate to recommend Your Life Your Support.

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