Charges for Services Purchased by the Local Authority:

If all of your care has been arranged by a Social Worker and the Local Authority is the purchaser then there are no fees liable to Your Life Your Support from you. There may well be an arrangement in place whereby you will be expected to make a contribution to the Local Authority towards the cost of your care, following an assessment of need. If so this will be arranged by your Social Worker and they will provide all the necessary details to you.


Charges for Private Service Users:

You will be charged for work undertaken by an employee of Your Life Your Support. All rates are inclusive of National Insurance Contributions, commission and all other costs unless agreed in writing as an addition to the booking form. All charges are subject to regular review and variations will be notified to you in writing from time to time. All charges must be paid to Your Life Your Support. Payment must not be made to the Care Worker unless authorised in writing by the company.


Bank Holiday and Public Holidays:

All Public and Bank Holidays will be charged at one twice the normal rate.

In addition to Bank Holidays and Public Holidays the Bank Holiday rates will also apply to the Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend, the 24th of December after 17:00 hours and 31st December after 17:00 hours. Where Christmas and New Year holidays fall on or immediately prior to/after a weekend, Your Life Your Support will advise you of the rates applicable.



It is in your interest to ensure a Your Life Your Support timesheet is signed at each visit. Failure on your part to countersign the timesheet will not affect your liability for payment.

The timesheet acts as a record of the time worked and upon which the charge to you is based. It is final and binding in any event, whether countersigned by you or not. Any queries must be raised by you with the office within 3 days of the date recorded on the timesheet concerned.



Payment for services provided will be itemised on a Your Life Your Support invoice which is issued on a 4 weekly basis. Each visit will be listed along with the individual charge for the visit. Fees are due for payment immediately on receipt of our invoice. Your Life Your Support reserves the right to require a deposit in an amount to be agreed as security against final payment.


Penalty for Late Payment:

If no payment is received within 7 days after the date of the invoice and unless Your Life Your Support has specifically agreed different terms, a 10% surcharge will be levied on the invoice.


Travel Expenses:

All travel expenses due to Care Workers for providing personal care to Service Users is incorporated in the charges levied to Service Users. However, where it is necessary for a Care Worker to use their car or public transport to shop on your behalf, the actual bus fare or travel allowance at the rate of £0.45 per mile will be added to the amount payable on the 4 weekly invoices.



Your Life Your Support will provide the appropriate protective gloves and aprons to Care Workers. It is the responsibility of the Service User and/or the Local Authority Social Services Department to provide all other necessary equipment in good working order e.g. hoists, commode, bath seat etc. It is also the responsibility of the Service User and/or the Local

Authority Social Services Department to maintain such equipment in good working order.


Equal Opportunities:

Your Life Your Support aims to satisfy the needs of Service Users by providing equal opportunities for its members irrespective of their sex, age, marital status, racial or ethnic origin, physical disability or sexual orientation.


Placement Fee:

Any Service User engaging a member of our agency independently on a permanent basis will be charged a one-off fee of £1000 plus 10% of the annual contract value.



On occasion, it may be necessary for you to cancel one or more booked visits. In these circumstances 28 days notice of cancellation is required, otherwise, charges will apply at the following rate:

– Over 28 days notice, no charge will be applied

– 21 – 27 days notice, 25% of the charge will be applied

– 14 – 20 days notice, 50% of the charge will be applied

– 7 – 13 days notice, 75% of the charge will be applied

– Less than 7 days notice, 100% of the charge will be applied.

Your Life Your Support also reserves the right to withdraw services from a Service User where a Care Worker(s) is/are subject to undue hazard, intimidation, violence or threat. This is not undertaken lightly and will only be exercised when all other avenues for resolving the problem with the Service User have been attempted. However, it is recognised that Your Life Your Support has ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the health and safety of its staff.


Your Life Your Support Care Workers will always, whilst providing care to Service Users, treat your property and possessions with respect. However, on occasions, accidental damage and breakages can occur.

You are advised that Your Life Your Support accepts no liability or responsibility for this type of damage. Therefore, we recommend to Service Users that breakages and damage should be processed through your own buildings and contents insurance.