We always seek to ensure you get the best possible care. Staff undertake quality assurance visits and quality control checks. These visits enable us to improve services by acting upon your feedback.

Annually the Service Manager or Senior Care Worker will visit you to see that your needs and expectations are being met. You will have the opportunity to talk with them directly and have a friend or relative present. You may also contact the Service Manager at any time to air your views.

Once a year, you will be given a questionnaire asking you to record your satisfaction or otherwise with the care you are receiving. The results of the survey will be collated and presented to the Service Manager and a copy will be forwarded to CSCI.

Either the Service Manager or a Senior Care Worker will also undertake a quality control check on all Care Workers. This involves them visiting and assessing Care Workers on duty to monitor the care we deliver.

All of these quality measures are strictly confidential and are treated very seriously.